Self-employed Remote Graduate Sales

  • Confidential
  • Croydon, UK
  • Oct 13, 2020

Job Description

We need Graduate Trainees seeking high income in a business to business sales career for the franchise we hold with BBXUK. We first came across this company to sell them our recruitment services. We won the contract. So impressed was I at the visit I immediately bought their service for Success Moves. People we have now placed with them have said it is by far the easiest and most lucrative thing they have ever sold. So, I went the full mile and bought a franchise. If you are looking to gain experience selling a unique product where leads are easy to acquire and one in three converts. To work remotely with daily training and support, incentives then read on. We also issue a certification in Sales for those who complete the training and achievements finalised with a weekend training in Marbella at company expense.
They offer a revolutionary and unique (there really is no competition) yet simple product that has proven extremely successful for businesses operating across the world. Established in 1993, BBX (Business Bank Exchange) is the largest business community of its type in the world. Currently operating in 14 countries with over 100,000 card holders and 250 staff. They actually guarantee a regular flow of new customers to their clients. Your first contact is with customers ready to buy from them. They also substantially cut their purchasing costs. They also give interest free credit. I am a customer of the business myself the benefits I have received are real and substantial.
The current salespeople in the UK have found that they prospered selling this through the lockdown and now with companies seeking new busines they have an exciting offer. This is an opportunity to learn all about how busines works and gain valuable experience in sales and marketing. The company has been in the UK for 5 years.
You will be selling on new businesses from one-man bands to bigger to join the community. They pay a joining fee immediately of which you are paid 50%. There is also an advance payment system calculated on how many calls you make. All the trainings are paid for by the company.
I am looking for an elite freelance team led by me with my decades of sales training/coaching and NLP techniques that has coached many graduate trainees to six figure incomes. There is also an opportunity to build your own team with an override and our recruitment and training support.
Promote and secure new customers on the telephone and/or online with business owners.
Promote on social media using our pre prepared automated funnels.
Promote and present where there are eight different methods all proved to be effective to suit each person's style.
Sourcing leads and prospects who would benefit substantially from our offer is relatively easy, as we have immediate orders for them. In fact, our positioning is more as a Purchasing than a Sales Manager. As it is a conceptual sell, we have found that those who are clear communicators and have experience in one of more B2B sectors succeed fastest. The product on offer hinges on the spare capacity of a company. This will be different for all sectors and the benefits of joining BBX will also be different. Therefore, we need graduate level sales representatives.
The role itself involves sales and business development to sign up and new businesses on the concept of filling their spare capacity. What BBX offer through their platform is the ability for companies to take on more business without increasing fixed costs. Businesses with spare capacity are those that have for example, empty tables in a restaurant, slow moving or surplus stock, unfilled appointments, vacant hotel rooms, unsold advertising space etc. This can all be sold into the BBX community for the equivalent of their cash value to then be used to purchase goods from other members using BBX credit. For example, a hotel with empty rooms could offer those rooms in exchange for their equivalent value in BBX to the community which could then be used to purchase goods or services for themselves. Therefore, creating value from their previously unsold empty space. The system also means they can gain a substantial discount of most of their usual business expenses. This is because they can pay for goods not using cash but by providing their own services. So, whatever their margin is, it represents their discount level.
We therefore need Remote Self-Employed Graduate Sales Trainees who are:
Confident to sell on the telephone and use social media.
Consultative and have an entrepreneurial understanding of how businesses can better operate.
Motivated to build a sales career.
Successful applicants will be put through a full and thorough three-day online induction training program by the head office of the company, guided by a senior member of the team who will coach and mentor you during the early months in the role. All paid by the company. This will include assistance in gaining initial appointments and coaching them through expanding their client base. You will have a personal coach who will guide you and ensure you get your first deals in your first week.
On application we will send you a comprehensive description of the role with further information and links on the company background and their service.
Customers pay a deposit which means that commissions to you are quick. The average person, some working part time, are closing more than 10 deals per month with an average income of £450 per new customer.
The role as a Self-Employed Sales Executive is on a self-employed basis, therefore please bear in mind:
You own the contract rights to each customer you sign up, and therefore the fee income for the lifetime of that client giving you a residual passive income. These earnings are not subject to PAYE tax, and any related expenses are tax deductible meaning you keep more of what you earn.
Apply today. Apply today. Interviews will be held at the Raddison Blu Hotel Heathrow on Saturday 3rd October. (Free parking and free local bus service)

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