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Employers Guide to Reaching More Talent with remotejobs

Employers Guide to Reaching More Talent with remotejobs

Hey they and welcome to remotejobs. Thanks for being part of our community. We want to help you find the best talent and the great news is that you're already on your way by being a remote-friendly company. 

Offering just a few remote days a month can be a real game-changer and the difference between filling your vacancy, or not, and attracting talent that exceeds your expectations.

At remotejobs our job search filters to help you unlock more talent. The way you add your role will impact the way in which it is found by job seekers using remotejobs to hunt out new opportunities extending beyond their immediate locale.

We’re on a Mission

If your role is 100% Remote our mission is to make sure it is accessible to the whole of the UK.

If your role is ‘Mostly Remote’ and you’re based in say, Leeds, we want to give candidates from Birmingham, Manchester and Newcastle the opportunity to see it. Actually... make that London too! If the candidate only needs to be at base HQ a couple of times per month then the distance could be viable.

Our guide to unlock more talent

We have put together some tips on how to position your role for maximum success using our custom job search filters to get the most out of remotejobs.

Remote Level 

This filter will define the remote-level that your vacancy offers. At remotejobs we appreciate that remote opportunities come in all shapes and sizes and 1 checkbox for “Remote” doesn’t cut it. So we have options covering all bases:


  • 100% Remote (UK anywhere - video meet-ups, occasional Base meetings)
  • Mostly Remote (From 4 Remote Days Per Week / Most of the Month)
  • Part Remote (1-3 Remote Days Per Week)
  • Ad-hoc Remote (From 1 Day Per Month)
  • Field Remote (Remote with client meetings & Base meetings)


Pick as many as you like that are applicable to your industry or role. E.g. Let’s say Amazon is hiring a Customer Success Director; they might choose to select the following job sectors:

  • Customer Service
  • Retail
  • Executive
  • Digital
  • eCommerce

Base Location

Whilst we are removing borders and geographical limitations, with remotejobs location still has an important part to play for some remote-friendly opportunities.

  • 100% Remote will not be guided by location so this could be left blank.

  • Depending on the number of remote days per month Mostly Remote job seekers will be encouraged to look beyond their locale and increase their search radius. We’d recommend adding a location to enable job seekers to see where you are based.

  • It is highly likely that Part Remote and Adhoc Remote opportunities will need to reach job seekers who are more local or perhaps within a 50 miles radius depending on transport links. A location will be required for these locations.

  • We’d also recommend adding a location for Field Remote roles including regional and field opportunities e.g. Field Sales, Field Engineer, Regional Manager, Cluster Manager, Consultant etc. For these opportunities we’dl also advise making use of our Target Regions.

  • If you are looking to target a particular location you may also choose to set the Base Location within that area. 

Target Regions

This is our supplementary filter independent of location enabling you to target candidates by region. This is recommended for remote jobs where you want to access talent further afield and where your role doesn’t need to be defined by a single search location. We recommend:

  • 100% Remote: Select UK Wide Anywhere

  • Field Remote: If you have a Base in say London, Birmingham and Glasgow we’d recommend selecting Scotland, London, & Midlands & Central. However there is certainly nothing stopping you select bordering Regions too. Go for it!

  • Mostly Remote: Again depending on the number of remote days you envisage per week or month, you can target regions you’d be happy to attract candidates from. So if there is only a requirement to present at your Base location once or twice a month, target regions that you’d like to fish for candidates. Put yourself out there and let candidates decide what’s doable.

  • Part Remote: As we think this type of job seeker is likely to live within a 50 mile radius we’d suggest selecting the region in which you are located and surrounding regions. E.g. If your role is in London, you might select London, Home Counties, South East, & South of England.

  • Ad-hoc Remote jobs: We’d recommend setting the regional filter slightly closer to home as these roles are likely to appeal more to more local candidates, most likely up to a 25 mile radius.

We hope this helps and will result in lots of great people applying for your roles. 

Happy hiring 

remotejobs team