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Video interviews are becoming more and more common, especially for roles with remote working benefits. With employers able to look further afield geographically for candidates, video interviews make a lot of sense to reduce travelling costs and to save time.  The interview might be conducted with an interviewer speaking to you directly or there may be pre-recorded questions which you will need to respond to. Both formats will require...
It may seem much longer to some, however, it’s now been a year since the nation first went into lockdown and many had their first taste of remote work. We quickly went from offices surrounded by colleagues to sitting at the kitchen table at home trying to work out how to un-mute the microphone on a video conference call.  So, how has this big remote working experiment gone so far? What have we learned from our makeshift offices...
During the turbulent year that was 2020, many of us were introduced to the world of remote work, whether we wanted to be or not. While this style of work might not be for everyone, many have been pleasantly surprised by the many benefits of remote working. From the additional time available to spend with family and friends that would otherwise be spent commuting, to an improved work-life balance.  Many businesses have also found that...
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