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Remote working may sound ideal on paper; no commute, a proper meal at lunch, and no arguments over the office playlist. This all goes out of the window when children are involved. Kids are unlikely to respect the rules of the working day if they’re hungry or tired, and definitely won’t know the etiquette of a conference call. With more parents working from home now due to social distancing rules, there is change and uncertainty...
Swapping the office for your living room or home office can be quite the adjustment. With no physical team to lean on in your time of need, and no face-to-face interactions to give you that much needed screen break, remote working can be isolating at times.  Luckily, there are a whole host of tools out there which can make your life a lot easier while you get used to your new working environment. With these at your disposal,...
In the last decade, more people have been working remotely than ever before. The added flexibility offered by remote work is attractive to many with our busy modern lifestyles. The benefits of remote working are far-reaching. However, remote working has its challenges too. A 2019 study found that 40 percent of remote workers felt as though they were expected to contribute more while working away from the office. On the whole, it can be...
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