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As we close the chapter on 2020 and start moving into 2021, it’s becoming increasingly clear that there will be a lasting impact on the way that we work. It was with much trepidation that some companies decamped from the office to home in March last year, not entirely sure how things would play out. However, for many businesses and employees, the benefits of remote work quickly started to become clear.  So, in 2021, as...
Whether you have always planned to have a remote team or have been forced to adopt this model due to Covid-19, many leaders have now streamlined their tools and processes for working from home en masse. Creating a remote working environment that works for both you and your employees can be a tricky process and if it isn’t quite right, you might be starting to see motivation levels beginning to drop.  This is especially important...
With Covid-19 far from over, working from home on top of not being able to see loved ones or take a much needed relaxing trip abroad can leave us all feeling a bit fatigued. With a dip in motivation for many, it’s difficult to imagine a working culture which fosters innovation alongside continuing to produce the expected output. With the undeniable benefits to working for and running an innovative company, Covid-19 shouldn’t be a...
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